Basement Problems Solved

Our products are designed to help eliminate leaky basements, mold, foul smells, buckling walls, crawlspace humidity, etc. We do this with quality products so basement problems can be permanently eliminated.


Fixing Wet Basements

Wet basements can be solved by using the DRY UP Baseboard Waterproofing System to control and channel water from leaking basement walls to a sump pump. This system can be installed professionally by your local basement waterproofing contractor. The DRY UP Basement Waterproofing System is also available in a DIY Home Kit that is easy to install and has helped thousands of homeowners.


If water is coming up through the inner part of the basement floor, a French drain system is required to be installed to fix the wet basement. We offer a Dimple Board Membrane wall edging that can be installed to guide the water to the drain tile.


We also offer other under-floor basement water control systems like a Water Tunnel and a Geo Channel.


In crawlspaces, high moisture water problems can be eliminated by installing our vapor barrier Healthy Home Crawlspace Liner. We have a do-it-yourself kit with detailed directions for a professional installation job.


Fixing Bowing & Buckling Basement Walls

Buckling walls can be a very serious problem if it is not corrected. We have the Engineer Certified Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System that can solve the problem but needs to be installed by a qualified contractor. However, the Gorilla® Wall Brace System is also Engineer Certified and designed simple enough that most home owners can do it themselves or simply hire a handyman to install them. The Gorilla® Wall Brace System can push the bowing walls back without excavating over a 2-5 year period of time.


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