Proven basement waterproofing systems and patented, engineer-certified wall straightening products. Family-owned since 1967.

DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel

Proven basement waterproofing systems and patented, engineer-certified wall straightening products. Family-owned since 1967.

DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel

An Effective Draining System for Foundation Water


The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel is an engineered channel system specifically designed to help relieve hydrostatic pressure around the basement footing. Notched grooves on both sides of the DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel allow for water to be collected from the footing and wall joint.


The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel’s unique bottomless design allows for water to flow through the DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel faster to keep water out of basements. This unrestricted design allows for a flow rate of up to 140 gallons of water per minute!

illustration of Resch Enterprises' basement waterproofing water tunnel under the basement floor on the basement footing to catch the water coming into the basement where the floor and wall meet
photo of the DRY-UP Water Tunnel waterproofing a basement


The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel is designed to sit on top of the footing. The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel is surrounded by filter rock to further filter out sediment from under the floor. When properly installed, the DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel, because of its unique design, does not clog like so many other drainage systems that sit on the footing.


Sound Structural Integrity

The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel is the most structurally sound “on top of the footing” drainage system available today. The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel installed with the DRY-UP™ Dimple Board is the best choice for contractors to use for peace of mind knowing that the basement wall will not shear.

The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel’s design allows for maximum concrete to be poured back on top of the system once installed. The DRY-UP™ Dimple Board has dimples that touch the outer basement wall, which will fill with concrete when the floor is re-poured. By having concrete against the outer wall it keeps the bottom core of the wall from moving.This prevents any costly repairs for you and a potential lawsuit from a customer.

DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel Accessories


DRY-UP™ Dimple Board

The DRY-UP™ Dimple Board is a highly engineered plastic membrane that drains all wall leaks into your new DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel system. The DRY-UP™ Dimple Board air gap technology increases the flow of wall/weep hole drainage into the DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel system. The dimpled design also allows the new concrete to flow all the way back to the wall to ensure the bottom of the wall will not have any inward structural movement.


DRY-UP™ Sump Pump Systems

The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel and the DRY-UP™ Sump Pump System work together to give home owners a safe, comfortable and dry basement. The DRY-UP™ Water Tunnel drains into the DRY-UP™ Sump Pump System with a battery back-up to safeguard against power outages and pump failures.


DRY-UP™ Trench Drain

The DRY-UP™ Trench Drain protects basements from water infiltration through outside doors. Outside drains can get clogged up with leaves or not keep up with heavy rains, causing water to flow in under the basement door. By installing a DRY-UP™ Trench Drain on the inside of a basement doorway, it will protect homes if water exceeds the outside drain capacity by safely draining away any water that enters in/around exterior basement doors.

photo of a trench waterproofing basement drain in front of a door to catch water

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