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A Family Business for Over 50 Years

Gary and Arlene Resch started in the basement business over 50 years ago tackling wet basements as a local contractor, doing basement waterproofing and solving other basement problems. They also did a little general contracting of concrete and carpenter work on the side until the wet basement business grew to full time. They used products from other basement waterproofing and wall anchor supply companies to do their basement waterproofing jobs.


Bad Products = A Bad Experience

Unfortunately, not all supply companies are interested in providing a quality product… some are more interested in the almighty dollar and so are not completely honest with the grade of their product. Because these supply companies had sold sub-standard products, the Resch’s, being people of integrity, had to go back and repair or replace over 400 bad basement waterproofing systems (that showed up over time) and some buckling wall systems where the inferior basement wall anchor system failed. This unfortunate situation is what laid the foundation for the high performance and engineer certified products that Resch Enterprises Inc offers to basement waterproofing and foundation repair companies today.


Better Products Developed From Hands-On Experience

Not finding adequate products to meet the quality standard needed for their basement waterproofing and foundation repair, the Resch’s started developing their own products. It makes a difference when a product is developed by someone that actually uses it!  Based on their years of experience and personal use, Resch Enterprises Inc provides these higher quality systems and specialized products to make basement waterproofing and foundation repair faster and easier for our basement dealers.


Offering High Quality Products to Others

Several years ago Gary and Arlene’s son-in-law took over their local basement waterproofing and foundation repair business. At that time Gary, Arlene and their son Greg started Resch Enterprises Inc to sell the systems and specialized products they had developed from years of first-hand experience in solving wet basement and basement bowing wall problems. They felt that other basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors should have the opportunity to install products of superior quality made in the USA. Resch Enterprises Inc have continued to invent and develop in order to add several more proven quality products to their line. They invested resources to get their wall braces and wall anchors engineer certified to add credibility to any foundation repair business using Resch Enterprises Inc products.


Keeping It in the Family

Gary and Arlene Resch will be transitioning the ownership of Resch Enterprises Inc to their sons to continue the legacy of integrity and excellence of Resch Enterprises Inc.

Andy Resch is the President/CEO of Resch Enterprises Inc. Andy recently retired from the military after a 25-year career in the US Army and the US Air Force. He brings a broad range of leadership and management experience, along with a fresh perspective.

Greg Resch is the Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. Greg has many years of hands-on experience fixing wet basements and repairing bowing basement walls. Greg’s first-hand knowledge is invaluable in helping basement dealers choose the products they need and knowing how they work.

We are an exclusively family owned/operated business and plan to maintain that strong foundation modeled by many successful American businesses.

L-R: Andy Resch, Lisa Resch, Greg Resch, Becky (Resch) Dean, Zach Dean


Unsurpassed Proven Products of Excellence!

Rest assured, because of the unfortunate experience the Resch’s had early on in their own basement waterproofing and foundation repair business, Resch Enterprises Inc will only handle or recommend products of excellence. Our goal is to give basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors superior products for peace of mind and high credibility.


To order our basement waterproofing products, crawlspace liners, basement wall liners, Gorilla® wall braces or Hold-Right® anchors…

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Wholesale pricing is available to qualified basement waterproofing businesses and foundation repair contractors.
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